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Kayla Makihatayama and Holly Amarosa

Kayla grabbed Holly's arm and started to pull her away. "Don't worry, Holly," she whispered. "It's just some guy thing..." Holly whimpered and shook her head. She pulled away from Kayla and ran back to Haru. "Please don't... You could get in trouble or get hurt..." She grabbed his hand and whimpered again. The boy sneered. "So adorable... Too bad I'll have to ruin it. Go, Growlithe!" He kicked the puppy towards Holly and Haru. The puppy whimpered softly. Holly gasped. "Poor thing..." she whispered. "It's stuck with a jerk like him..." The boy laughed. "Use Flame Wheel!" he ordered. "Show no mercy! Get the boy!" Holly gasped and stood in front of Haru. "No way!" she yelled.

Kayla groaned. "Get away from there, Holly!" She watched the Growlithe charge up its attack and looked at Holly. "Move already!" Holly shook her head and watched the Growlithe come towards her, surrounded in fire. Kayla grabbed a Pokeball and sent out Jasmine. The Tepig looked around and snorted. "Stop that Growlithe!" Kayla yelled. Jasmine nodded and tackled the Growlithe away from Holly just in time. Kayla sighed in relief and grabbed Holly. "Are you crazy?" she hissed as she pulled her cousin away. The boy laughed again. "Growlithe, try to get the boy again!" Growlithe nodded and rushed towards Haru, surrounded in flamex.
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