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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Oak Town

Shawn had had enough! It was one thing to have a pokemon battle, but intentional attacking of a person was something only a Team Rocket member would pull. Besides, this was ruining their date. Plus, Kayla and Holly were now involved. Shawn reached for his newly-captured pokemon and released it. His Geodude landed in front of the group facing the charging Growlithe.

"Alright, lets take down this Team Rocket wanna-be," Shawn shouted loud enough for the boy to hear, "Rocker, Rock Throw attack!" Geodude looked to where Shawn stood and nodded, facing the Growlithe again. Rocker reached into the ground and pulled out a large rock the same size as the fire puppy and chucked it in its direction as hard as it could.

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