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Quote originally posted by ikelofe:
hey man, I really want to play this Hack, is there a .gba rom avaliable?

I want to play it on my android device using GAMEBOID.

Thanks a lot!

edit: tried patching, used the 1.0 original rom, like explained on the website, but I got the white screen =/
PM me I will help you there as it is against the rules here

Quote originally posted by itsalexney:
I'm going to ask a really dumb question, and ask how you save the game?
If you are playing this hack on VBA then you have two ways of saving this game. One is the in game save from the menu and the other is the save states option VBA offers. Hit Ctrl +S each time you want to save. Also don't forget to change your save settings to Flash 128 Kbytes in VBA menu