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Samantha Felicity Cooper

After getting dressed in clothes more appropriate for the weather, boots, dark green cargo pants, a pale yellow blouse and a navy blue zip-up fleece she out from her dorm room, pulling a Glalie beanie hat onto her head. She made a beeline for the cafeteria and helped herself to a sturdy portion of lasagne with salad and fries with an apple flavoured energy drink. Plopping herself down she tucked in and started to contemplate the days events further.

Marks Porygon had clearly had something happen to it that had turned the digital Pokemon into a powerhouse. There was no way any of her Pokemon could possibly stand up to that level of raw power and hope to come out on top. It was another addition to the strength of his team. The Poliwrath was obviously extremely competent, while Snype was the perfect dirty fighter. And there was that lightning fast Ninjask, but hopefully Ponyta would be a good match there. As for that Gligar, Corphish would probably be the best choice.

All of this was just avoiding the real issue though. Even if just for a short while her Pokemon had been stolen and it felt awful. She was a Pokemon thief herself, although her motives had been good and she didn't feel any regret over what she'd done. It was strange, she didn't want anyone else to ever have to go through what she had, but she had put someone through it herself and felt it had been right... which of these was the truth? In an ideal world both could be true, but that wasn't the case, they were too oppossed as concepts. She was either okay with taking Pokemon from people who didn't deserve them, or she wanted to protect people from having their Pokemon taken away... How was she supposed to be able to know which was really right?

She wanted to talk to her Dad about all of it, but he didn't know the full story behind Cubone. Like everyone else he just assumed she had caught him in the wild and it was too late to try and correct him now. It was just something she was going to have to struggle through herself one way or another.

She polished off her food and sat thinking a little while longer.
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