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Well I'm glad that Olimar wasn't replaced by Alph or the other new captains, but notice how he was revealed when Pikmin 3 was soon to be released in Japan. It could mean we'll be getting a character based on a new Nintendo title coming to Japan each month. Here I'll be listing out the games in the next following months of 2013:

August - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Can't be Luigi, because he's traditionally a hidden character)
September - Wonderful 101 (The Red Hero may be our next newcomer)
October - Pokemon X & Y (Possibly Pokemon Trainer, since Mewtwo was a hidden character before)
November - Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze (Either Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong)
December - Super Mario 3D World (Peach, since Sakurai seems to have a limit of having each series having up to 3 reps for the starter roster)
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