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This is my first time rating and posting a map so be nice guys.

Navel Mountain:
Rating: 9/10
What I like: I like how the borders of the cave aren't too square so it looks natural, I mean who's ever seen a cave with square borders? Next the whole area isn't just some large block of ice so players won't have a really hard time maneuvering the map.
What I don't like: Those large empty spaces, especially in the upper left and the lower right. Also, is it just me or do the borders to the upper left look weird to you guys as well?
Comments: Maybe put in a few more rocks there or a higher level of the cave?

Now for my map:
Name: Lets' just call this the Region for now. Still thinking of ideas for a name
Game: Ruby
Hack: No hack, just me trying to make a world map
Credits: Hacker Bro SK for his excellent tutorial on how to make a world map
And now for the map:
Uhm, the forum isn't allowing me to post URLs, not even a link to it.
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