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MSNBC is up in a storm about it right now. Comments range from "justice was served, you f***ing commies" to "justice is now dead, you ****ing rednecks", among other things such as accusations of racism, someone singing Queen's "We Are The Champions", calling Florida the 'land of acquitted murderers', someone declaring it 'open season on blacks in Florida', to lauding/berating/death threatening the jury, and oh God, now people are bringing abortion into the picture (WHAT?).

As for the trial, I don't know whether I should agree with it or not. I honestly forgot about it until today, but apparently the media was really trying to whip people into a frenzy about this one.

It really doesn't matter what I think the verdict should be. What's done is done. That said, I agree completely with what this cop said:

"We will not tolerate anyone who uses this verdict as an excuse to violate the law,” Sheriff Donald Eslinger said.
Remember the L.A. riots? Let's not go back to that again.
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