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Certain political figures, such as Jesse Jackson and newsmedia outlets made accusations and overbearing speculation that incited outrage without proper legal examination.

Those who did not watch the court proceedings or understand the Florida criminal laws to which the facts of the case were applied should not be making any judgment calls about this jury's decision. Further, some who did follow the court closely had already been exposed to biases or only followed bias news summaries of the court proceedings.

This is truly one of the worst things that certain self-proclaimed civil rights advocates have done to racial relations in the United States in decades, as Carchar alluded to this issue. This case should have never centered around race, let alone have been a national concern.

And Purple Materia, you have exemplified this mindset. To believe one is guilty of a crime despite not being informed to make such a proclamation. It's an equivalent to humans in the past proclaiming that the Earth is flat because they just knew it and some of their acquaintance felt the same way. Evidence, or known truths and facts, allow for man to have a fair justice system, sentiments and speculation will bring us back to the Salem Witch Trials and a flood of injustice.

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