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Update for the Dragon run
-picked Treecko as a starter
-hacked in a Level 5 Bagon
-defeated Roxanne
-defeated Brawly
-Bagon evolved into a Shelgon
-defeated Wattson
-captured a Swablu on Route 114
-defeated Flannery
-captured a Trapinch on Route 111
-defeated Norman
-captured a Lotad on Route 102 as a HM Slave
-rescued the researchers at the Weather Institute and defeated May


Lv. 39
HP: 115
Attack: 93
Defense: 95
Sp. Attack: 54
Sp. Defense: 52
Speed: 67
Moves: Headbutt/Ember/Dragonbreath/Focus Energy

Lv. 29
HP: 74
Attack: 35
Defense: 42
Sp. Attack: 35
Sp. Defense: 63
Speed: 44
Moves: Peck/Growl/Fury Attack/Sing

Lv. 30
HP: 71
Attack: 68
Defense: 32
Sp. Attack: 42
Sp. Defense: 35
Speed: 18
Moves: Sand Tomb/Bite/Faint Attack/Sand-Attack
Current Challenges:
Blue(8/8) Crystal(16/16) Emerald(8/8) Platinum(8/8) Black 2(2/8) X(8/8)
Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype