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Originally Posted by Dyl-icious View Post
Actually, I will go ahead and get into this with you. You claim it's a "pseudoscience" at best. But after it being tested multiple thousands, if not millions of times, with very favorable results indicating that it is able to be used to distinguish between truth and lies.. It would seem like it's quite a bit more than just something that has no proof to back it up.
No, that's just plain speculation. Polygraphs don't have favourable results, in fact the NAS have determined that there is little basis that polygraphs have high accuracy. It's not quite a bit more than no proof, it's rectum-derived.

You can beat polygraphs by just being confident, or in his case, unconfident and worked up. Just because he was worked up does not mean he had a legitimate reason to be worked up. We all know people who get wayy too excited under stress for no good reason. That's why Zimmerman is described as overzealous, that he would see a kid as a threat. He's not lying when if he says he saw Trayvon as a threat, I'm sure he believed that. But his judgment would then be questionable.
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