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What does America stand for? America stands for democracy and freedom, at the highest levels of government not distorted by the media, religion or public opinion that's what they represent and work towards.
Is America a force for good or evil? There is no black or white, just shades of grey.
Does America have friends or enemies? Most of Europe and Western countries like Australia, Canada etc are your allies. Not sure if there are clear cut nations against you (except Iran and NK) but it is my perception that a whole lot of the dislikes you guys!

Foreign intervention (or not!) America, please, maybe if you want foreign intervention you could do it through the UN, rather than being a global police bully? If you do it figure your priorities out before you go in, it either requires full on military control or subtle but unrelenting use of covert warfare, there is no in between or halfheartedness. I'd support or oppose American foreign intervention on a case by case basis, although from what I've read their government is looking to extricate itself from overseas conflicts in the upcoming future

Domestic and foreign surveillance Surveillance has always been necessary. But American hype with the "War on Terror" has completely blown this type of stuff out of the water. They should really cut it back unless there's an actual reason to suspect someone has ill intent, it's just giving anti-government nutheads another reason to stockpile guns so they can kill anyone who tries to take away their "freedoms".

[BThe state of the economy][/B] Not a whole lot of experience on this but my American mates tell me it's pretty shocking.
Its political effectiveness It's still a superpower with a lot of influence, at least in world politics. Nationally I find the impasse and division between Republicans and Democrats "liberals and conservatives" absolutely ridiculous. Keep in mind that i'm an outsider with no first hand experience, but you guys can't seem to agree on policies for anything. I personally side with liberals and President Obama Republicans look like dinosaurs to me.
Its record on human rights Disgusting. American Indians? Black people? Mexicans? Muslims? Yeah I don't think they get treated as humans over there... More like enemies of our way of life to be discriminated against during whatever point of history we're at..

My overall view of the average American from "the rest of the world" perspective is that you guys are poorly educated and completely twisted by your media, corporations, government etc into believing whatever is the flavour of the month for any racist, religious or simply evil fanatic nutjobs are allowed to thrive under the guise of freedom. Americans don't value the true meaning of that enough. Like healthcare reform and a gun safe society? Nah, we'd prefer to die in our 40's and kill each other because lul we're so free we can do that! For every well informed and intelligent American I meet there seem to be 5 ignorant or intolerant ones. Maybe that's because they're just more vocal

My view of the government is that they're going their best but a whole lot of the political system and public does not support the bests interests of the public due to greed and misconceptions created by small minorities (not racial) who benefit.
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