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Yuria & Marie

A whimper escaped Marie's lips as her hand was horrifically torn away from stroking the lovely Divine's hair, the vice-tight grip of the mermaid's fingers around her wrist like a thousand tonnes of rock. She'd never been torn away from her prize before, and this one was acting so strangely! Granted, most of her targets were rather feminine to begin with, but this one was particularly stubborn. And mean. And evil. Pouting for a moment, and sharing a glance with the other students, none of whom she'd yet met, she decided to take initiative, just as she had a short while ago.

Marie blinked past her dizziness...

And licked Divine's hand.

Yuria could only watch in awe from his position behind the gates, seeing complete strangers acting the way they are now. He'd never seen any humans acting this odd, on television or otherwise — and he'd definitely never seen someone break such intense... tension, so easily. He almost figured that things would sort themselves out, so he tried to back away as quietly as he'd arrived.

A shard of crystal clarity shot through Marie's thick head, sundering the ties of confusion that had enthralled her psychic mapping and revealing the true target of her hunt. Letting go of Divine's saliva-covered hand, her head immediately twisted around to face the bushes and focused on the lone figure that her mindsight could make out.

"Sorry!" she uttered quickly to the merb****, offering an apologetic grin before she sprinted through the gathered group of armed students (accidentally bowling over the one named Cheryll) and charged at the frost-haired ladyboy.

The ladyboy in question was in shock that he was the newest target. She didn't seem hostile, no, but the idea of someone licking him was a disturbing one in itself. While he backed away, unable to just turn around — she was too quick, and had a head start — Yuria slammed the ground with his claw-toting hands, forcing a wall of ice to emerge between him and his perverse pursuer (which the latter promptly hit). Then he ran.

The wintry wall that emerged in Yuria's wake did much to stop Marie's momentum, but little to diminish her spirit, as she just managed to protect her delicate and already injured skin from the sheet of ice with the skinniest of barriers. She rebounded off of the barrier and landed on her ass, turning it into a roll that would let her dance around the barrier and continue her unchaste chase. Still, her prey was fast, and she'd need a boost that she simply didn't have to continue it. Unless...

Clicking her heels together, Marie grasped the energy drink that she'd deftly tucked into her pocket before coming across Divine and swiftly swallowed all that remained of the high-glucose drink. Grinning, crouching, and twisting her wrist just so, she tossed the bottle like an arrow at Yuria.

It flew unerringly, powered by the remnants of the Lycan's telekinesis, and aimed straight at the back of Yuria's head.

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