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Quote originally posted by Barrage:
Rosa. Even though I'm male, Nate's hair is very unappealing to me. Plus, Rosa has the best design for a female protagonist in Pokemon to me.

>Best design as a female protagonist. Lol.

Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Rosa, because I'm a girl in reality so it's fitting I always chose female characters and her design is obviously better. I love her hairstyle as well so it fits! And I don't mind the pink menu, I'm used to being the female trainer a lot.

>Design is obviously better. Lol.


Pick what you want. I normally pick my the character's gender based on my gender. Regardless of character design. It's the easiest way to go when facing a tough character-picking decision. And if you don't feel your gender related character is someone you like, then the opposite is your winner.

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