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Awesome work guys. :] I know things here have been a little on the slow side due to everyone's lives being busy and people needing a break.. but your efforts are appreciated and I think the first post serves as a great center of pride for all of A&D. You guys really deserve more than I could give you. n_n;

Xander, you've been added to the list of contributors and your (lovely) squids have been included in the dex. Please, please keep contributing!

Sunny, I'll be editing the thread title and adding a "READ FIRST POST" bit.

Welcome to the team Green Stash! I think your design has a lot of potential, but it needs a bit of polish. Try looking up some tutorials on spriting or ask one of our spriters to give you a hand. :) It's a solid idea and definitely deserves a place in our dex though!

OOooo Golurk.. it's like.. a Ditto and Kecleon love-child. :o I like it! It's nice and playful. I think maybe doing a dual Fairy/Normal typing would work well, although it seems to fit seamlessly into either type category.

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