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Well the only thing that I have to report is in the "Catch your starter" option.

If you ran out of pokéballs you will be getting out of the Fuchsia Safari Zone and not to Prof. Oak's lab. I know it sounds impossible to ran out of balls but that Trapinch was nobody's fool.

And may I do a suggestion? I've have always liked to makes teams with pokemon of all 3 generation available on FR, but the thing is that is really a pain to train them only with wild pokemon on using the VS Seeker (and most trainers have stronger teams).

So, is there any way you can make gym re-battles but make them have the same team on the same levels? That would be pretty cool if you could make it, along with my previous idea of the mystery gift thing, also could you make just a IPS download? Because my cellphone don't have much space left and I don't think it would handle the complete rar (I think it was?) archive.

Thanks a lot, I really don't have any big problems with the game, I'm enjoing it a lot so thanks again for making this hack
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