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Great work guys!

Oh, and I took the time to look over all the fakes we have, and here is what I got down:

  • We're in need of Ground, Bug, and Poison,(Ground literally has one Fake!)
  • Ghost is overflowing! We should stop adding in there!
  • Alot of the fakes are objects! We need slightly more animals!
  • Uncatalogued Fakes should be utilized! If it's just the info, I can help make up random stuff for them!
  • 3-stage evos are extremely scarce! Like, there's probably only the starters and 4-5 families!
  • Some of the uncatalogued Fakes look unfinished. Maybe we're allowed to go over them and spruce it up a bit?
  • If we're running out of ideas, maybe we can start designing the region a bit? Maybe when we have a good view of what the region has in topography and biomes we can have a good idea of what types of animals can inhabit it.
We should tackle alot of the major problems
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