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White is not just a race. George Zimmerman has a name and skin tone that can pass as white. That is all you need to qualify for white privilege. Like I said previously; this case didn't get the attention it did because it was a white man killing an unarmed black child. It got the attention it did because of racist police not even trying to arrest a black childs killer- which is what sparked the online petitions that gained mass attention.
You must have completely ignored my paragraph on even if they wanted to arrest him, they could not... 17 also is not a child you guys act like he was 12 or something. But if you really think it has nothing to do with skin tone ur being foolish, and your whole post was "a racist one" and its clear your opinions are fueled by race. You're not being objective or rational. your letting your feelings on the situation fuel ur words and opinions. Had zimmerman been killed I know u would not be this upset. it would have been "justified", when no one was there no one can say what wasn't or was justified. The fact he was young has nothing to do with why your so upset. it never did. But again your pulling the race card cause it is convenient for you. How many children between the ages of 3-14 are killed everyday by black on black crime, or by just killers in general, how many are never caught or arrested cause lack of evidence. How upset are you for those children, for those families? I live in philly, i see it everyday, i hear the bullets, i hear the screams.. so dont sit there n tell me its not about race or never was..

To say "we don't know if he was racist" is to ignore his behaviour regarding POC previously. The amount of times he called the cops on POC for nothing is absurd. He is also a rapist.
not sure if that was directed at me but if it was I don't believe I ever made such a statement. Infact i said the opposite, stating I believe he was racist. About being a rapist I cant comment on that cause i don't even know where you got that piece of information.
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