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I was thinking it would be interesting to have a team who uses grass types and who revere Xerneas, the land and the connection between humanity and pokemon. Let's call them Team Flora just to give them a name.

Team Flora are down to earth, non-materialistic, modest, contemplative, and want to protect the interests of the land and the relationship between pokemon and humans. (So kinda like a team of N's)

Team Flare are Snobbish, materialistic, flamboyant, destructive and are concerned only with themselves to the point where others will suffer.

Not sure if Team Flora would be evil, probably more like they would be activists causing trouble for the general community that while ultimately right...still causes distress. The team may be misunderstood.

The name for Team Flora could be better, is there a grassy word that means modest? (Like flare relates to fire and flair)

Maybe Team Earth (as in "down to earth") and how something earthy would be natural and modest.
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