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Hate to be the disagreeing voice, but I actually didn't like the time feature in R/S/E. Well I did, but when your internal battery dies that's it for a whole lot of features, berries, eeveelution, sales, shoal cave, swarms I think? Anyway, it was a bit of a gimmick, the time feature is a lot better on system clocks like the DS. R/S/E could have really used a day/night cycle as well. I'd really have loved slightly different lighting effects and subtle variations on the soundtrack depending on if it was dawn, dusk, day or night. With regards to FR/LG, since the time is finite I'd rather it not be there at all as it was. In my opinion time was introduced a bit too early for the hardware.

You know what would be nice? Berries are measured by steps and the steps can be reduced by watering. Day/Night changes each time you go home and talk to your mom. You go home at day, your mom says rest in your bed/chill in your room for a few hours and leave at night after "dinner". When the player is ready to turn the game back into day mode go home again and your mom will say "Oh ......., it's so late and you look tired, maybe you should go to your room and sleep for a few hours". And voila, Day again! What do you think of that system?

(I am aware that you can replace the internal battery but it's a real pain.)
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