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"An excellent question," Emigre nodded, "And one we are asked often. You are all very different from each other - this is common in our class groups. You may look at those 'ere with you today and think, why am I with them? They are not my sort of people, no? They are not the sort of people I associate with, they are not my... clique. My social grouping. And you would be right - but you are also wrong. We all have one thing in common of course. We are Mutants. The thing that makes us the same is that we are all different, utterly unique even beyond the way of 'normal' people. We 'ope that someday you can all realise that all Mutants are like a family."

She waved dismissively and let out a low, throaty chuckle. "That, of course, is the storybook explanation. It is what Charles preaches, and it is not untrue. I believe it, with all my 'eart, but it is not the whole reason, no? You are an international group, this always tests well, with a wide variety of powers that 'old potential synergies for both the practical applications and field operations, should you graduate to those. We believe that with the correct PR training and image you would make good representatives for the school and for post-humans generally. Your backgrounds are varied and there is potential for you to learn from each other as well as the school if you allow yourselves to. There are more practical reasons - when you were all available to join us, the effectiveness of my abilities with and in opposition to your own, ensuring a class is not all male or all female. We go through this process with every class group, and 'old a 'igh success rate. You are together because the schools expertise and experience tells us you should be, it will be good for you. And as teacher I 'ad some input into what students I work with. I saw all your files and I liked you. I saw potential."

She ran a hand across her scalp, the lack of any movement confirming that she was bald. "Any other questions? You may ask each other questions also, if you wish. It is natural to be curious about the mutations of others."

There seemed some reluctance to speak up, but there was nothing she could do to force the children to interact. They would have to let their walls down when they were ready.
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