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Wow. An explosion of replies. Good good.

@romdinner: Nice read! You're ACCEPTED!
@Pokemagician: I am having second thoughts in accepting your SU. It's good, don't get me wrong. But you're low post count is scaring me. I am not sure if you're going to be active enough. But oh well. If you could provide me an RP sample, just to let me see how you write, you're accepted. For now PENDING.
@TheCartographer: I am finding it hard to believe that at 18, Owen (include surname please) have already undertaken several research in different regions. How did that happen when he was just another orphan in Snowpoint? Plus, at thirteen, how could he be contacted to help with the rebuilding efforts? There are several holes in your history that needs to be expanded upon or cleared. For now, DECLINED. For further info, the remaining starters that are not taken nor reserved are Piplup and Glameow.
@Jegretis: Just like Pokemagician, I like your character. I just need you to provide me an RP sample, as you're a new guy. It's like of a test, as I don't think I see you around the place. For now PENDING.
@BlueFlameRider: Pokemagician is right. Why not try for the other starters?
@Skymin: I can't see! it says link broken.

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