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This case probably couldn't get more clear cut.
  • Troll sees video, posts inflammatory remark(s) pointing out the parents
  • Other trolls see that, do the same, sprinkling slurs and racism liberally around the comment area
  • More trolls come and see, then spread word to the minority who are still racist
  • Minority becomes very vocal in the video comments too, causing problems and generally overreacting to the video.
  • Video creator disables comments because all reasonable discourse is lost in the comments of this video due to trolls

Unfortunately this is more of a reflection on the state of Youtube, and not on any group of people. The number of trolls on YouTube is extremely high, and every video with enough views gets trolls in the comments. Unfortunately this is one of the rare times they succeeded in igniting something. But the Kids React video had the true state of our generation. We're long past racism as far as they were concerned. None of them could guess the interracial parents in the video they saw was something controversial. That's how it should be. No one sensible should be able to find fault in the video.

For years the Cheerios brand has been making cute commercials like this, and there have never been anything considered to be wrong about them before. That a company like this feels like it's worth more to their company values, or bottom line, to stick to their guns and keep this commercial up tells a lot more about today's times. I'm sure that anyone who is against racism would be proud of the company.

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