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Originally Posted by Zet View Post
A dispatcher isn't the police, and they can't give legal binding orders or they can be legally held liable. Manslaughter is the intent to kill someone with malice, so he can't be charged with that since all he did was defend himself. He used lethal force because he was well within his rights to do so, considering he was almost beaten to death. However I believe he didn't intend to kill Treyvon, since he could only fire his gun blindly(I'd like to see you see well with your face covered in blood from a broken nose and it's raining at night).
Sure, and a kid isn't going to be punished legally for disobeying their parents and doing something stupid. Whether or not disobeying dispatcher orders is illegal is missing the point that he didn't follow sensible instruction. Also, nobody knows if he was almost beaten to death. A broken nose and lacerations will not kill you. He certainly didn't have a concussion, considering how he was able to recount his side of the story immediately after the shooting occurred. To go from those injuries to predicting that Martin would have killed him turns every human body into a weapon >> These injuries, which is common knowledge, tell me that Zimmerman was not at the verge of death. You can get much worse practicing martial arts. If Martin had a knife, then yeah Zimmerman should be scared. But he didn't have one. And Zimmerman shooting Martin because he reached for the gun is a weak argument. I could get away with shooting anybody lol as long as they reach for my firearm.

Zimmerman could have been had for imperfect self-defence, offing Martin and believing it was necessary when it actually wasn't and unreasonable. It would still be manslaughter though, because that's the murder-without-intent sentence. The question is whether or not Zimmerman shooting Martin was reasonable at that point in time (getting beaten up, on the ground etc.).
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