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Quote originally posted by AlexTheRose:
To clarify, first degree murder is the murder of someone that is willful and premeditated. For Zimmerman, this could be the case (considering he followed Martin), but most people believe not. Second degree murder is the murder of someone that is not premeditated or planned in advance. To me, this seems to fit Zimmerman's situation, and is where you misspoke on the line between second and third degree murder. Voluntary manslaughter, also known as third degree murder, is the murder of someone that involved extenuating circumstances that would make the killer emotionally or mentally unstable. This is kind of a stretch to me, though it seems some think otherwise.
I believe that Zimmerman believes that he never meant to kill Martin. I also believe that he tried to defend himself. Imperfect self-defense would be a manslaughter sentence even though it involves poor judgment and disproportionate force vs. emotional states. I don't agree with 2nd degree murder because self-defense precludes murder, and yes I think Zimmerman acted in self-defense. A murder, whether of first or second degree, is an intentional killing, and I think it's a hard argument to make that Zimmerman intended to kill Martin. Second degree murder is like spur of the moment, you're thinking of killing - but that thought was pretty instantaneous.
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