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I don't think another Magnet is obtainable. However, there is a Zap Plate which works just like the Magnet. It's in the Abyssal Ruins, and can only be accessed with a Pokemon that knows Surf and Dive.

As for the team you could pack a Choice item, which is only obtainable after winning BP. Specs may be the most useful, as it increases your power of Flash Cannon, making it as powerful as Thunder but with perfect accuracy. Scarf is useful for outspeeding Mienshao and other fast Pokemon.

The leftovers is another useful item that can be found in the Castelia Sewers. Restoring HP I find is very useful when having long battles like E4.

The first Magnezone shouldn't run both Discharge and Thunderbolt. It you want a reliable paralysis move, Thunder Wave is the superior option.

The second Magnezone shouldn't waste $90000 on Hyper Beam, as it doesn't pack STAB and requires a turn to recharge. Also, just to let you know that no E4 member packs an Electric-type Pokemon. Instead I'd recommend either Reflect or Rain Dance. The former patches up the team's defense, enabling them to tank super-effective Fighting-type attacks, and the latter increases the accuracy of Thunder.

Hope these words of advice help. Good luck against the E4.
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