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If it could exist, would you have any of the Pokemon that resemble domestic cats as pets or would you fear their power too much? If you could have one in real life, would you battle with it, participate in contests with it, or something else?

Of course! You should seize every opportunity you get and I love real life cats. I've always wanted a black cat so I'd probably like a Purrloin. I would definitely at the start be a bit intimidated by its strength and be wary of what it does- since animals can do anything really, they could eat you in one bite if they wanted to. I guess I'd just keep it like any ordinary cat, care for it, love it, treat it like a friend. If feline pokemon are allowed to be kept as pets, I'm assuming we get to do Pokemonish stuff too? (like contests etc.) In that case I'd feed it lots of poffins until its nice and fat and then we can fall asleep by the fireplace.

As for contests, maybe? I've never been too fond of them to be completely honest. I'll probably just treat it like any ordinary, normal cat in the real world. Except the food will be greater. :]
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