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I think we could expand on Audy's idea by simply stating only the username, ban length and a "Basic" reason such as "Automatic Infraction Ban", "Spammer/Troll", a custom message, or "Private" for cases where revealing a reason may not be a good idea, or wanted. The "Automatic Infraction Ban" would appear for any infraction that resulted in a ban and wasn't either a trolling or spamming reason. Custom message would appear for custom infractions dealt by s-mods and above, and there would be an option for staff to opt to use an infraction that would not reveal any reason. (AKA Private-<real ban reason>) that the public ban log would ignore, or just wouldn't be posted in the public ban log if the logging is done manually. Those who wish to have their bans kept private would just need to tick a choice visible only to staff when editing their profile. Private bans would only show up in the log after they expired too without a username attached to the ban so it'd be something like:
"<Username Withheld> | by <Staff Member> | Reason: Private"

Nobody but the banned party should be privy to the details, but a basic system that can reveal generic ban reasons might be a step in the right direction while maintaining the privacy the matters deserve.

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