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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post

Not sure how my PC is so cool in this weather, but anyway! I built it with wire management and fans in mind, still impressed by it being 15C when it's warmer outside! Anyway, some rainmeter and skinning going on here, a bit less than I usually do. I'm very much into my minimalism.
Ooooh, I like. But why do you bother with a taskbar if you already have a shortcut bar? Alt+Tab is already godlike.

Originally Posted by R.F. View Post
Every time I want to change my wallpaper I have a really hard time finding an appropriate new one.

(click for bigger stuff)

This time I couldn't find any good one, so I had to create one by myself. It's actually the first one I ever did...
+1 for making it yourself, and it's easy on the eyes.

...I actually want this now.

Anywho, new update.


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