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Quote orignally posted by xboxdawgdude:
Well that's tao bad... Anyways its better than nothng...
I hope tha DS emulatar fo Android is improved...
It works tao slow on low end devices.
I've used it on mah Orignal Motarola Droid (Only 600MHz processor) and it was pretty slow, but playable. Now wit mah Droid Bionic though(Dual core 1GHz), it's at full speed almost all of tha time... Kndle Fire HD is iffy at best...

Quote orignally posted by ronwellcastillo:
Well, unfotunately I tried it once wit mah friend from Canada and im n Philippnes, tha result is no.

You can only connect ta those person who is also connected wit tha wifi you're connected n.
Or ta thugz yo bluetaoth is connected.

Thats all fo taday.... See you next time
Let me shne some hope on dis thread befoe we call it quits... Tha reason you can only play wit thugz on tha sbee wifi network is coz yo ports isn't open. Witout open ports, yo wifi router will not be able ta foward data specifically ta yo device. If you know how ta foward yo ports, you can map it ta yo device and than connect ta yo friend. Thay have ta have thair port open tao, and make sure you is usng External IP nstead of Nternal IP. (Gizoogle what's mah IP ta fnd it)

If you don't want ta port foward, thare is a Hbeachi app n beta wit a few gizoogle searches. I've never used it, but I guess you would use it tha sbee as you would wit VBA lnk, only wit MahBoi...

I've been a long pokemon fan, but I don't cis fo 5th generation and beyond (4th generation is a puch, but I knda like tha gbees) I'll be willng ta play anyone n Emerald, but I will need time ta re-do mah adventure, I just reset...
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