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Greetings! My name is HaxsaurusRex! Most of you have probably never heard of me but that perfectly okay. The reason I want is a team is for a few simple reasons. The ROM is still in development and any support given would be great, and much appreciated. Also the team is currently looking for members to help improve the ROM and create a well developed ROM that can be taken seriously in the ROM Collection that PC has to offer.

Current Projects:
Pokemon Skyward Winds
(Based from Pokemon FireRed)

Features of Skyward Winds
Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 3
Custom Maps
Unique Storyline
New Evil Team
New Gym Leaders, Elite 4 Members
Custom Scripts
New Hero/ and Heroine (Choose your gender, New OW Sprites and In-Game Sprite)
New Tiles
Custom Pokemon Sprites
Unique Battling Menu

Team Members:
HaxsaurusRex: (Mapper, Storyline Author, Founder, Simple Scripts)
Psystar63: (Spriter, OW Editor, Titlescreen Assistance)
Hwaldar (Mr. Wytas): (Script Writer)

So yeah as you can tell from above we honestly really need a lot larger team to get this thing going!

Team Members Needed:
Advanced Scripters
Tileset Creator (Really Needed)
Anything You feel like you can offer to the team.

Applying for:
Proof (Not Needed) but Preferred:
Contact Via:

(You will be contacted via your source of communication)

Work Completed:
Titlescreen (Complete)
Gym Leaders (7/8 Completed)
Other Sprites ex. Professor, Hero, Heroine (All Main Characters Complete)
Trainer Sprites (Being Worked On)
Mapping (Tileset being work on now)
Scripting (Waiting for Team and Mapping Completed to begin)

Well I hope you strive to join Team Skyward Winds! Once on the team you will be told Storyline and meet other team members, as well as be shown more in-depth of what the game is! Also with being apart of Team Skyward Winds, your name will be shown in the trailer featured on my youtube channel. Not to brag but I hope that you feel as you will be acknowledged for your effort and work put into what we hope Skyward Winds to be! Thank you!

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