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UPDATE: Sadistic Monster, new Fighting texture!

Hama-chan's Hitmonchan LV.33 60 HP {F}

Punch Pokémon. Length: 1.4 meters, Weight, 50.2 kilograms

{F} Chirp Chirp Punch
You must mumble "This can't be right, can it?" 3 times in order to use this attack. Both players' Battle Pokémon are now afflicted with Confusion.

{C}{C} Double Hit, 20 damage
You must mumble "Is this really okay?" 3 times in order to use this attack.

Weakness: {P}, Resistance: None, Retreat: 1

This sadistic Pokémon has been trained to question its actions.

Illustrated by Alex "KKN" Bowen, No.107

KKN extra card: July spoof submission

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