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Originally Posted by AoTora View Post
I played this hack for past few days and I must say that it was an awesome hack! I played as a girl (since I am a girl lol) so I got gible.. I must say that gible was really really good once it evolved into garchomp! I couldn't beat the league without it.

My final team was: Garchomp, floatzel, luxray, machamp, chandelure and kyurem

The grammar errors didn't bother me all that much since I usually never read the whole dialog anyways..

Now just a question: Was the rate of encountering shiny pokemon increased? Because I found three shines while playing: Bunneary, weedle and claydol - I only found one shiny in all the games I played before - but than in this game I found three :o

I am seriously thinking about replaying this game with a boy character so I can use another team :3

I love the game and I must say that you made a great job on it! i really loved the way you made the elite 4 - you can choose in what order do you want to battle them and I loved that because it made it so much easier for me to train my team before the "real elite 4 battle" =)
Glad to see you liked this hack, as for your question, I must say I did not edit the rate of encountering shiny Pokemon, you met three in this hack just because of your luck.

Originally Posted by anhlong1122 View Post
If there is no move relearner, it is sure that I missed out a some good move due to having no HM slave early in game
The move relearner is Dr.T in this hack, you can find him in Halfleaf City.

Originally Posted by Jésrøñ bans View Post
I can't find gym leader of flora island till now.
Can anyone help .
Finish the event on the top of Mt.Skywall, please.

Originally Posted by anhlong1122 View Post
Where should I go after the fire badge, I got stuck.
Go to Golden Temple to finish the event there, and get pass the temple to reach the top of Jade Volcano to countinue.

Originally Posted by Mr_Vu View Post
How do I get in the room of the SS bluesea? (if it's possible)
You can get a key from someone in Whitewave City, it'll help you to unlock the door.

Originally Posted by AoTora View Post
Just wanted to ask - does anybody else have trouble breeding in this game or is it just me? I cannot seem to breed anything No matter what I put together (Even 2 of the same pokes) I always get that "they prefer to play with other pokemon than with each other" so I am unable to breed any pokes :/
Really? The breeding system doesn't work? But I think I have never edited it.

Originally Posted by Pokesnou1 View Post
Questions: where is HM07 Waterfall? and where is the key to unlock the SS Bluesea storage room and the azure flute?
You can get HM07 from N on the top of Mt.Skywall after the event of Genesect on Canyon Path, the key can be received from someone in Whitewave City, and you can find Azure Flute in Central Area.
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