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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
Protests are how change can begin. Sitting home while innocent people are being killed by privileged folks and cops who have forgotten their duty does justice for no one. The protests have little to do with one coloured man killing a different coloured man, and more to do with outrage towards a system that cares more for killers that walk than the underprivileged they murder.

I would just like to point out that in this thread alone people have called Trayvon a thug, said he was tresspassing, and regarded him as a drug addict because he 'had traces of pot in his system'. For no reason other than because the word "black" is in his description. So can people please stop asking why race is being brought into the case by people who point out the racism of others and the system? Because it's not.

We have a lot to protest about in the U.S, and it's definitely not overreacting.
It wasn't because he was black. He did have pot in his system, saying that he smoked sometime earlier. You can find a lot of neat things by reading an autopsy report.

The US should be protesting against the fact that their government is spying on them, and not on some case about some guy they don't know shooting another guy they don't know.

Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
So, how saintly do you have to be before you're allowed to punch some guy following you with a gun? And, uh, he was suspended for being late to school, graffiti, and owning a 'baggie'. Hardly criminal acts. I was late to school every day. Is my murder justified because I arrived to school at 7:46 and not 7:45?

I don't mean to sound off-topic, I just want to point out how unfair racist double-standards are, especially to the dead. Trayvons past has no place in this case because he is not the prejudiced one that provoked the conflict out of racial profiling and fear of dark people.
If you were beating a guy to death, then your murder would be an act of self-defense.

Maybe Trayvon was a racist, after all George Zimmerman is hispanic.

And since you brought up criminal acts let not forget that Trayvon did own pot, balled up women's jewelry, and attempted to get an illegal firearm. Oh, and since the media has been calling him a child, let's also call the pictures of the underage naked girls on his phone children. He owned child porn, which is also criminal act. While only one of those is actually related to the case, the rest don't paint a very good picture for Trayvon.

Originally Posted by Belldandy View Post
I did not really watch the case, but I've read a bunch of articles scattered over time. I'm in the same boat as Mr. X in that I didn't expect him to go free without at least a manslaughter charge. From what I've read / researched, Trayvon was unarmed at the time and posed no apparent threat, while Zimmerman was armed and as BlahISuck stated, had all the advantages over the kid just for that reason alone.

End Note: Should've at least been manslaughter, if not first degree murder for lack of pre-planning.
Manslaughter is with malice. I think he can be sentenced for first degree murder in the civil case.

Also everyone really should watch this. I have nothing against both sides in this case. I only agree with what the evidence has told us. If anything else were to popup and prove that Zimmerman did it with malice, etc. Then my stance will change.

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