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Quote originally posted by EJ Nero:
First started playing in the 3rd generation in 2003. I got Ruby for my 9th birthday about a month after it came out, and was hooked from there. I had been watching the series though on TV since 2000.

When I was in 8th grade I kind of fell out of love with Pokémon. I didn't really play again until HG/SS came out in 2010 and I got SS. I stopped playing that too after awhile. I didn't touch Pokémon again until Black/White came out. Soon after I stopped playing it as well, and recently I've been enticed back into my favorite childhood series now that the next generation is coming out. So 2003-2008 played nothing but Pokémon, came back in 2010 for a while and again in 2011, and now in 2013 I am playing again. Its been a bumpy ride but I just can't let go of Pokémon. I'll probably play it off and on for a long time to come.
yeah i took a break too. I understand but i am glad to be back.
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