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Originally Posted by Element0 View Post
I'm a pretty passive person, people push me around all the time. There is a point though, where I just won't stand for it anymore and snap, but people can normally get away with a lot before that.
Same here Element0, it's like an elastic band. You can only pull it back so much before it snaps or flings forward and hits someone in the eye. I don't think I've ever snapped fully but might have come close a few times, even though I'm not any sort of big or physical fighter, I would not want to be the person to push me over the edge, pent up rage is not healthy lol.

But overall yeah i'm very passive and can take a lot before the point where others would be aggressive. Not without giving out warnings if someone abuses my passive nature of course, and i'd try and extract myself from a volatile situation first. Also, I can stand up for myself if I feel it's necessary.

So yeah
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