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Name: Norel 'King' Brazen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Team: Quilava, Carracosta, Leafeon, Garchomp, Luxray, Riolu
Legendary: Entei
Appearance: Norel is a tan-skinned youth with a lean, muscular build. He has shoulder length ravenous black hair that flows down to his back. He usually has the left side of his bangs swept behind his ear, leaving the right side of his bangs to lay above his dark brows. He has a ruby headband tied around his forehead with two red feathers that are tilted over his left ear under it. (its tails can reach down to his neck). His crimson eyes seems to gleam with a boundless passion and determination that most don't have. He stands at 5'6" and weighs 135lbs with only 2% body fat.

Norel usually wears a long sleeve, fitting white shirt that holds a black stylized symbol of a flame on its right shoulder. His shirt lays on his waist comfortably while a black leather belt holds up his dark blue jeans. On his feet are primarily white and blue high-top sneakers. His right wrist is decorated with a brown beaded bracelet and on his neck is a thin black necklace that holds a fossilize fang that he got from his father.

Personality: Norel is a passionate youth with a strong conviction and love for Pokemon. He has a boundless bravery and recklessness that often leads him into dangerous situations. He usually thinks with his guts, trusting his instincts to lead him through tough situations. Besides all this he can be somewhat perceptive of those around him but also dense in the every-day situation. His free spirit is what makes him so darn lovable, though others can also find it annoying. Let's just say everyone takes to him differently.

History: Will reveal this during Rp.

Other: He has been known to be a brawler in his earlier years. Also, even though he has a PokeDex he never really uses it.

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