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Unlike pretty much every person in this thread, my first generation of Pokemon was actually the fourth in 2008! I had watched the anime a lot when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it (when I was younger, I always wanted a Pikachu because I considered it a legend amongst the ranks of Mewtwo / Kyogre / Mew etc.). I had watched my sister play Emerald for a while and then I decided I wanted to give the games a go as well, so for my 7th birthday I got Platinum! Yeah I'm insanely young compared to everyone else. Since then I've played Emerald and almost all of Crystal, I glitched up Yellow, played Heartgold, restarted Platinum 6082 times and I've also played Black 2. I still watch the anime but not as much. I also have a lot of Pokemon figurines from my trip to China and a few Trading Cards (that I don't really use unfortunately). So I've been playing around five years to answer the question? Despite that being nowhere near the 10 or 11 years most people have racked up, Pokemon still means a lot to me. :)
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