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Quote originally posted by 666sweatshirt:

First, your hack is awesome. I've loved playing it.

But I've got two questions

1. For the shaymin event...I got the key and found the underwater lab on the ss blue sea and had a battle with someone and lost. Now the person is not there and I can't purchase the flower yet from the redwood flower shop. Am I missing something?

2. I've seen a few comments about finding a sword for an Eliza event. Think you could give me a hint as to where to start?
As for your first question, if you lost to Dr.Cathy, you'll not be able to know you should go to Flower Sea in Flora Island. Go there and you'll find a cave, get through it and reach the end of the path, you'll know that you need to help Shaymin, then go to Redwood City for the event you mentioned, then go back to battle Shaymin. About your second question, you should win in Challenge Bridge and Central Area first, then try to find an underground cave which near Redwood City, then you'll find the sword in the water.
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