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I didn't knew that so thanks, I will remove Shadow Claw, what should I change it with?

I will also replace Iron Head to Close Combat after I finish HG.

I just need help with Dragonite, is Outrage essential? because I remember that u get confussed after using it and thats annoying but maybe its too good I don't know.

Edit : I will replace Shadow Claw with Dragon Dance for Tyranitar, it's looks good on him, Attack and Speed buff, just what he needs.

And I didn't knew that about Outrage, after u explained it, DD+OUTRAGE FTW :D

Edit :

Now I just want to know what I should replace Dragonite's Fireblast with (not Lightning because Lapras got Thunderbolt and Arcanine Thunder Fang)

and Hitmonlee is fine or I need to change him also?