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Originally Posted by FalseKingAllant View Post
I don't really understand lol, Female Charmander is probably pain to get, I can do it with Lapras and Female Larvitar?

there is another way to do it WITHOUT A female Charmander?
yes, you may replace Charmander with either a FEMALE totodile or FEMALE Lapras. As mentioned in my post above, the only difference is that Totodile and Lapras couldn't breed with Altaria and Gyarados. OK since you seem confused with all the breeding, let me list everything down again for you. It should be simple.

MALE Horsea/dratini w/ DD
-> breed w/ FEMALE totodile/Lapras
-> MALE offspring
-> breed w/ FEMALE larvitar


MALE horsea/altaria/dratini/Gyarados w/ DD
-> breed with charmander
-> MALE offspring
-> Breed w/ FEMALE larvitar

On a side note, i'd suggest that you read about [passing down moves in breeding], as it will be very crucial when trying to teach your future pokemon/team some egg moves. Especially those that are only acquired through [chain breeding] so you could fully grasp what we just talked about here XD

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