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Yorick Amherst Lee - Graveyard

Yorick was tossed through the air from the force and hit the ground hard when he landed. After getting up, he saw Solo standing still in the middle of the graveyard with only the girl from breakfast remaining conscious. She was biting the boy she had been with for some reason but they were soon knocked aside by Solo. Yorick decided he needed a plan. He could not use his claws or teeth or else he could accidentally kill Solo. Fists seemed to be okay, but they didn’t do enough force. That meant he needed another blunt weapon that was stronger. He looked around the graveyard for something he could use and decided he could use a tree, however he didn’t believe himself to be strong enough to pull a large tree out of the ground. Looking for something else, he saw many broken pieces of gravestones. Many of them were fairly large chunks so Yorick decided he could throw them quickly, one after the other.

Immediately after his plan was decided, ice spikes came up out of the ground and surrounded Solo. Thinking this a good opportunity, Yorick stuffed the chunks of rock into his bag and nimbly hopped onto the top of the wall that had formed. He was able to see Solo blasting at the ice that wouldn’t break. Without hesitation, Yorick began throwing a barrage of rocks at Solo.

Raka Chaudri - Forest

The boy fell over without a scream, but it was clear he was in terrible pain. "Aren't you people supposed to be susceptible to magic?" he questioned through cough-split laughter. Raka smirked at this. He paused for a moment in an attempt to recover a little before continuing to speak. He then gave a summary of his situation out loud. Raka thought little of it, mostly thinking he had done so for himself since some think better out loud, but she became interested when he said, "But I would suggest that you have probably left out the most important factor. I don't care. Until I am physically unable to I will keep throwing different things at you and even if I die I'm going to do everything in my power to take you down with me. I don't know you well enough to make much of analysis of you, but it is clear you are very well trained, very arrogant, very powerful and a lycan. Which means you are susceptible to magic and probably think you are better than you are. Which means I actually have a much better chance than my original summary would suggest. Am I wrong? Possibly, but not likely. We mages tend to be rather clever."

For an intellectual creature he was rather reckless. Actually, recklessness wasn’t quite the right word. His fiery emotions were well guided by his mental aptitude, sort of like a smart missile. It was a deadly combination and she wanted to see it when it had grown even deadlier. However, now that he knew this much about her, letting him live would be a questionable decision that could cause trouble in the future. Raka decided that she’d see what else he could muster up before deciding. He then continued with, "Speaking of which, I feel much better now. Thank you for the break. Excaecatio lux!" Immediately there was a flash of blinding light followed by the words "Ingens strepitus!" which painfully robbed her of her hearing as well. Inevitably there would be an attack to follow since she doubted this one would run away. If he did, then he would have failed her little test to see if he was worth it and she would simply track and kill him. Her sense of smell remained intact since the smoke had gone so she would know.

Raka had no way of knowing what sort of attack he would use next until it was too late and she didn’t want to risk trying to identify it by smell to dodge it so the best option remained to block it. Gripping her staff once more, Raka erected a powerful barrier around herself in anticipation. It had to be one capable of defending her from anything she could imagine he could use and more. Ah, there it is, she thought when something made impact. It was a powerful force that lasted but a moment. When magic strikes a lycan’s barrier, the barrier will quiver as if it is begging to be undone, even if the same force - or a greater one - from a non-magical source would have been stopped easily. A lycan not used to battling mages will find even powerful barriers of theirs easily torn asunder by magical strikes because a barrier fit to block magic is a very different barrier, not simply a stronger one. It takes incredible discipline, focus, and stamina to make such a barrier, something Raka had acquired by countless losses at the hands of Oz and his magical ilk until finally she was able to stop such strikes almost with ease. As such, that attack just wasn’t enough to get through to her. He thought her extremely arrogant but the truth is that for every fight she keeps on her toes since she is, by definition, unable to anticipate all manner of surprises.

Raka’s barrier remained until she regained her senses, loosening her grip on the staff and letting out a small breath as it dissipated. Hearing took much longer to return than sight, the ringing remaining in her ears long after the screech had stopped. She saw the boy standing there, clearly much more tired than before. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer and Raka didn’t want to leave without seeing the full extent of his power so she decided to put a little more pressure onto him. Dashing forward quickly, Raka thrust the rod into the mage’s gut several times before delivering a kick to the chest that would knock him on his back. “Well played mage, but still not enough to beat me,” she said, stepping back and returning to her stance. “Tell me, what is your name?”
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