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I carefully carried out my trap, attempting to completely immobilize him. The task required both arms, causing me immense pain and strain. I cold hold it as long as I could take the pain, though it seemed to worsen with each minute. I wanted to stand up, I wanted to finish this myself, yet the very act of immobilizing him prevented my own movements. The only thing I could do was lay here and hope one of the other students would take advantage. The werewolf helped slightly, tossing rocks at the trapped lycan, yet I felt it wasn't enough. What are we supposed to do? If this goes on much longer, I'll pass out for real, and then it will be really over. I remembered the boy who's race I hadn't figured out, and the vampire. If they can cut his collar, would that stop him?

I struggled to turn my head toward them, the boy was down, though the girl had done something to him. It's our only chance... I pushed myself even harder, attempting to do one last thing before I passed the baton. Next to the boy, I made an ice knife come out of the ground. It wouldn't melt, not as long as I stayed awake, but I feared they would no know what to do with it.

Yet I could not say anything.
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