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Name: Tobias Jones
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Team: Crobat (aka Smokey), Donphan, Umbreon, Cacturne, Azumarill and Roserade.
Legendary: Raikou

Personality: Tobias is a very flamboyant and high flying person, he loves to feel the wind blow through his air at high speeds and is not afraid to tell people whats on his mind, some say that's what gets him into so much trouble, however his love of pokemon can not be matched and he claims that the only true love you can experience in life is the between pokemon and humans.

History: Tobias was born in a cave after his mother got caught up in a thunderstorm, the pokemon from the surrounding area protecting Tobias and his mother during his birthing, then as Tobias grew older he noticed he had an act for making friends with pokemon rather quickly, which led him to his first ever pokemon Zubat, who he became friends with after visiting the cave in which he was birthed, there he fount Zubat in a small corner where it seemed to had been injured by a much stronger pokemon, so Tobias took the Zubat home and nurtured it until it had become fighting fit, since then the Zubat never left his side, helping him through thick and thin and also teaching Tobias the true relations between humans and Pokemon, Once Tobias turned 18 he was allowed access into the world to explore for himself, it was in this big world he met the rest of his team mates; Donphan, Cacturne, Roserade, Azumarill and Umbreon. During the first war between Pokemon and Humans Tobias helped to protect pokemon from Poachers who looked to capture pokemon for profit and to use them as slaves, now 3 years later he looks to help the remaining legendary pokemon in there quest.
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