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Allister Curtis

Allister watched with a combination of amazement and horror as one of his most powerful offensive spells was deflected by a telekinetic barrier.
Smart move, she couldn't see or hear so she simply made a barrier. Allister continued to ponder the situation but as another wave of pain and weariness hit him he realised he was nearly out of options and certainly out of time. His vision was becoming dark and hazy and his body was not only feeling heavy but aching intensely.

"Well played mage, but still not enough to beat me," the woman said, stepping back and returning to her stance. “Tell me, what is your name?” Allister looked at her through rapidly darkening vision
I may as well...
"Whilst I don't see why it matters to you, and whilst I'm certain you won't share your own, I don't see why I should avoid sharing my name with you. My name is Allister Curtis, and I am in no way pleased to make your acquaintance."

Allister felt himself sway slightly but forced himself to remain standing.
I'm even more worn out now than I was during the fight with Oz... and I was shielding a whole group of people then, even if I didn't participate in the combat much myself. But if she hits me again I'm going down anyway. I guess I really do only have one option left...
"I'm probably going to have to stop using this now since I tried it on Oz too. I hope you appreciate the effort I'm going too here. Irum Caelum!"

Allister put the last of his strength into the spell as the clouds above seemed to swirl and darken. He didn't have enough strength left to pull the spell off with the same amount of strength he had against Oz, but it was going to be enough to send a statement to his opponent. Three pillars (unlike the four that had appeared the last time he had used it) of violet lightning shot down from the sky above in a triangular formation around their battle field.
"Be sure to give my regards to Oz after this, maybe give him a few of those nasty punches for me?"
The lightning pillars shot towards Allister's opponent tearing trenches into the already damaged terrain as they moved towards the dangerous woman.

At least that's still fairly impressive looking, if I'm lucky someone will actually consider the sudden burst of lightning odd and come and find me before the fire turns me into a toasted magemellow.
As the lightning pillars converged upon their destination the world went black around Allister as he collapsed and started to fade out of conciousness.

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