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The Yandere Mermaid

Divine got irritated by the fact that her question remained unanswered. The girl that suprised her earlier now went to another girl and admired that girl instead of her. Divine could get quite irritated when a person tells her that he likes her and how beautiful she is and then leaves for another girl, but in this case... it was a girl telling her how beautiful she was. It reminded her of Ryuu and made her blood boil. "Enough of this crap..." Divine said as she closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

"If you won't answer my question, then I'll just make my own way towards Ryuu-sama." Divine's eye color changed from aqua blue to pink as she started to look like a psychopath. Knowing that Solo and Raka could take care of themselves, Divine spreaded her arms and made grass and flowers wilt by sucking the water out of them. The water surrounded her hands and took the form of sharp claws. "This is my way of fighting on land, i'm one of the few Mermaids able to do this." She said with a crazy sounding voice.

She stood in fighting stance and charged towards the students with her claws behind her, striking as she got close.

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