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Originally Posted by Lari View Post
Nya, if he's going to add Gen IV pokes, why not my beloved Glaceon? ;_;
Probably same reason as Leafeon, barely usable at all.

An already subpar movepool in Gen IV would render Glaceon with just at four moves correctly usable with it in Gen III mechanics: there would be literally nothing to run off of the huge Sp. Attack outside of ice moves and Hidden Power (every single idea in modern game uses Shadow Ball thanks to damage split because it's the only other type attack move to use with anything that resists, which would be an entire half of the game in Hoenn), and only hail with Ice Body/Substitute would be the viable way to use it ingame with maybe Wish.

It would maybe work with damage split, but even that would be hard with the before mentioned entire half of Hoenn. What a Glaceon would really need is not damage split but just a new movepool in general.
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