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As a whole my personal ranking would be Hoenn > Kanto > Unova > Johto > Sinnoh. But this is more of a matter of Pokemon that I like and their evolutions.

I've played through Gen 3 so many times and have found a lot of versatility with the starters. Mudkip being my favorite because it's hard to go wrong with a Water/Ground pokemon. But I can pick any of them and do well in the game.
I love all the starters from Kanto as well, although I've gotten to a point to where I usually just go with Bulbasaur because I'm not too fond of the grass types in Gen I anymore.
For Unova it's more of a matter of design, as I've only actually used Oshwatt so far as a starter. But I'm hoping to play with other starters too and see how well I do with them.
I love the Johto starters dearly, and as a group they are unique in that none of them gain a second typing as they evolve, but that is also something that could be considered a hindrance.
Gen 4 is really my least favorite generation overall and while I love my Empoleon very much, and found it's second typing to be very useful in-game, I was not a fan of the other two starters at all.
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