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Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair View Post
I'm too shy to have ANY female friends haha... I don't have much male friends either.
I just find it very difficult to develop and maintain a friendship, due to bad past experiences, I'm better off alone in my solitude. Much more peaceful!
I'm quite a bit like this too, but after a while the loneliness can become crushing. Online mates are fine, but when you don't have anyone physically there to share experiences and interact with it's just lacking tbh. (Still love my online friends, best people I've ever met <3. But they live thousands of miles away for the most part...)

Now, back to the question, do I have friends of different genders? The answer is errrr no, not really. Disregarding me having very few friends, I can interact with guys easy, if our personalities match. Girls though... Even on the off chance that we won't completely hate each others guts on sight, if she's physically attractive to me, I can't be her friend. I can pretend that's all I feel for her for a little bit... But if her looks and personality are appealing enough I'll want more, that I can't have. And I blow it, every damn time. So it's better to keep girls as a polite acquaintance rather than make her hate me. Girls that I don't find sexually appealing whatsoever also get given the polite stranger treatment. I just have messed up ideas on girls, friends and girlfriends
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