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This is the type of innovative experience that should be noticed.

Everything about this little demo I played is truly what I imagined battles to look like in sprite-form. There's a hurt sprite, idle sprite, and I swear I saw Mantyke get ready for his Body Slam! I truly adore these little things, and I beleive that a big project like this will get pretty popular if you can pull it off!

Also, I love the "techniques" that your Pokemon can do. When I first saw the foe's Metang turn itself into a weapon for his partner, I literally restarted the whole demo just to use Metang myself :D

I'll be keeping an eye on this, and support it as well.

If you can, can you move the up and down arrows to the same side where the attacks are? I find it rather tedious to move to the opposite side just to cycle through options.