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Started a new game of Black 2. The team so far...

Sasaki, the Dewott L21
Faraday, the Magnemite L21
Kerbero, the Growlithe L21

Planned members Roserade, Scrafty and some other thing I'm still choosing, I'd love to use Heracross but those are difficult to find. Currently with Hugh in the sewers, having his back while he thinks he got mine.

Fun fact, Cheren is quite hard, isn't he? I barely made it with only Sasaki. Water Gun didn't do enough damage, and he only learns Razor Shell at L17, which is when he also evolves. That was a really close call. For anyone wishing to take on Cheren with a single Pokémon, I suggest using the X Defend one of the students in the school gives you before the fight.

And... The Black playthrough has progressed too.

Barbecue, the Emboar L43
Cyanide, the Scolipede L41
Pietra, the Krookodile L41
Mikhail, the Swanna L41
Tesla, the Eelektrik L41

I beat Skyla with Tesla and now I'm going to do the Surf routes west of Nuvema. It's possible I catch an Axew beforehand, or something else.

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